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Retail Therapy Week

What's it about? Retail Therapy Week is all about indulging and turning shopping into a more positive experience, with advice throughout the week helping you to find the best bargains on the high-street. It is timed to occur just as the summer is getting started, and will be essential viewing and listening for anyone planning any summer shopping.

When is it? 23rd - 29th May 2016

Running Since: 2007

Shop Smarter This Summer

If you’re in a bad mood, what do you do? Have a cup of tea and relax, sit down with a good book, hit the shops? Everyone has a personal way to sooth their mood, but for many of us buying a little treat does the job. However the phrase retail therapy is not just an excuse for us to spoil ourselves when we have had a bad week, many studies have been completed looking into whether there just might be some truth in it. The verdict will bring relief for many who may have been feeling guilty about their shopping habits, not only does shopping improve your mood but also your life expectancy. A study found that daily shoppers are 27 per cent less likely to die prematurely than those who buy only every so often. Further research shockingly found that in the UK the average woman walks 150 miles every year in search of retail bargains.

Good things come to those who wait, maybe? Or, good things come to those who shop it seems! This is definitely the case now that you do not have to hit the busy shops for a bit of rough and tumble by the sale racks, you can enjoy retail therapy from the comfort of your own home. Not only can you make purchases from your sofa but the instant buzz from the purchase continues until it arrives; improving your mood for days. With the growing demand for people to be up-to-date with latest fashion trends and have nicely dressed homes, millions of us have discovered the ease of online shopping. The Christmas just gone is a great example with a record £400million online spending splurge on Boxing Day.

If you have a look around your local shopping mall you are bound to see women walking out of shops with big bags and big smiles. This sort of effect is something to be cherished; there are not many things that can give you an instant spring in your step. For some, retail therapy can be a regular occurrence, but as people’s disposable income decreases year on year, treating yourself often is not something that can be an all year round event. Instead what Retail Therapy Week intends to do is give advice on how to find the best bargains to perk yourself up on a rainy day. We are a nation who love to flock to the stores at every chance we get, so why not embrace it? This is something so simple that will inevitably put a smile on your face, and so Retail Therapy Week looks to get more smiles on our faces by keeping our shopping cheaper, easier & with no regrets.

What rules are there to sensible retail therapy?
It is easy to get carried away on a shopping splurge and instantly regret everything brought. There is no need to be rash in making decisions, with online shopping you can order something later from home. Also try not to make it a regular occurrence, make the benefits of retail therapy last!
Do you get the same benefits from shopping online?
The action of buying something new brings with it a feeling of happiness and excitement, whether it is online or in the shops. Gratitude
How can you find the best bargains?
Retail Therapy Week aims to lead shoppers in the right direction to give them the biggest boost in their mood without having any regret buys the next day.
Why is it important to have retail therapy in this day and age?
We are a happier nation because of retail therapy, when we are going through tough economical times and a winter that never seems to leave; we need to have an easy escape.
What should you be looking to buy when getting some retail therapy?
Each to their own is what Retail Therapy Week believes! Retail Therapy is a personal thing, a new dress might make some happy but a new cutlery set, another.
Why keep retail therapy just to a week?
It would be wrong for Retail Therapy Week to suggest that shopping splurges all year round are a great idea. In some cases they are a very bad idea and can leave people with serious debt. Sensibility is an important factor when gaining some retail therapy.
How can Retail Therapy Week help local communities?
When shopping around for yourself, why not keep it local and support your local communities. There is not always need to go to travel to shopping centres, just look down your local high street and your sure to find what you are looking for!
What are the best options for those who may need debt advice?
Some may get a bit carried away with their shopping habits and eventually realise there is too much of a good thing! We aim to provide the best options out there for advice on debt problems.
What consumer rights exist that can help protect me?
Retail Therapy Week can offer advice for consumers who may of run into some problems with their purchases, such as returns or gift cards. It is important to be aware of your consumer rights in such cases in order to solve problems.
What are some easy ways to make Retail Therapy Week cheaper?
A new culture of vouchers and discounts in the retail world, why not make the most of you shopping during Retail Therapy Week by saving some cash along the way. We can send you in the right direction for some of the best discount and voucher businesses.